Dr. Mohamad Sabri Al-Tawabti, scientific researcher at the United Nations System Staff College, praised the initiative 

Calling all innovators! USAID has launched the open call for innovations for the inaugural activity of USAID’s Countering Transnational Corruption Grand Challenge for Development: the Powering A Just Energy Transition Green Minerals Challenge (JET Minerals Challenge), in partnership with Amazon, BHP Foundation, and Chandler Foundation. The JET Minerals Challenge seeks solutions that counter corruption and strengthen transparency, accountability, and integrity in the global rush to meet the unprecedented demand for green minerals. 

The JET Minerals Challenge is looking for innovators from all sectors - and all geographic regions- to put forth their ideas to help us solve this complex challenge. We know that innovation can stem from anywhere, so we encourage all who are interested to apply for or amplify this opportunity. For more information on requirements, restrictions, and how to apply, visit the Challenge website: https://www.challenge.gov/?challenge=jetmineralschallenge

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