Dear World Leaders

Martin Cadena • 4 August 2022

Dear colleagues, UNDP's award-winning Dear World Leaders campaign is back. And we're aiming big this year: the videos will be delivered directly to world leaders and decision-makers through an exhibition within the COP27 venue in Egypt.


Please join us in helping all people to use Dear World Leaders and make their voices heard.


How can you help?

  1. Promote the campaign on your digital platforms using the assets here [now in 6 languages].
  2. Reach out to your networks and help us gather or film unique video messages. We want people to tell us how the climate crisis is affecting them and/or what actions they want world leaders to take. Here is a sample email you can use.
  3. If you're working on a particular thematic area (such as forests, or food & agriculture, etc), encourage your networks to submit messages to world leaders on how they can take action in this particular arena.


A few general guidelines for the videos:

  • The videos should be max 1 minute long, and ideally filmed around their local community and landscapes.
  • It would be impactful if they could capture some of the real-life effects of climate change happening around them.
  • The videos can be in any language as long as there is a translation script with it. As in the linked example, include the city and country of the person, their email address, and 3 tagged emotions.
  • Do not put any text or music soundtrack on the video itself.

You can submit videos directly through or send them via WeTransfer to and


We are now open for submissions so everyone is welcome.

To help promote the initiative, check out our Trello, containing social media assets and messages [now in 6 languages].

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