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COVID-19 vaccine inequity will have a lasting and profound impact on socio-economic recovery in low- and lower-middle income countries without urgent action to boost supply, share vaccines and ensure they’re accessible to everyone now.

About the Dashboard

The Global Dashboard for COVID-19 Vaccine Equity combines the latest data on the global roll-out of COVID-19 vaccines with the most recent socio-economic information to illustrate why vaccine equity is a critical driver of a fair and sustainable recovery. It provides new, actionable insights and possibilities for policy makers to dive into the implications of vaccine inequity for socio-economic recovery, jobs and welfare.

The Dashboard is a joint initiative of UNDP, WHO and the University of Oxford with cooperation across the UN system, anchored in the SDG 3 Global Action Plan for Healthy Lives and Well-being for All.

Analyses can be generated and compared by country, region and globally, and organised per income group. It helps address some of the following questions:

Selected insights

Speed is of the essence: if low income countries had the same vaccination rates as high-income countries, their growth forecast would have been revised upwards by 1 percentage point, increasing their projected GDP by US$38 billion.

Without immediate global financial support, low-income countries would have to increase their healthcare spending by a staggering 57 percent to fully vaccinate 70 percent of their populations – while high-income countries would have to increase their spending by just 0.8 percent to achieve the same results.

While low- and middle-income countries have experienced fewer cases of COVID-19 than higher-income countries to date, they will suffer a greater economic impact over a longer period of time, with richer countries projected to reach pre-COVID-19 rates by late 2021, whilst poorer countries will not do so until 2024.

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Launched July 2021


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