27 April 2022

In this session we will hear from the Regional Programme Specialists Fadi Abilmona and Luqman Patel, as well as our Information Management Officer Marwa Abuqrian.  They will present their experience in designing the CRD to conduct data-driven multidimensional analysis at a regional and sub-regional level.



1. Welcome and news from the Crisis Risks and Early Warning team 

2. Presentations:

  • CRD for Latin America and the Caribbean - Luqman Patel (Regional Hub, Panama)
  • CRD for Arab States - Fadi Abilmona and Marwa Abuqrian (Regional Hub, Amman)

3. Reactions and updates from Dilrukshi Fonseca (Regional Hub, Bangkok) and Shewit Hailu (Regional Hub, Addis Ababa)

4. Q&A  




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