Local organizations in Seychelles are leading initiatives to accelerate ecotourism, an innovative approach that drives both industry growth and ecosystem preservation. Tourism group Blue Safari is helping to raise awareness for vulnerable environments by bringing visitors on educational trips to the Outer Islands and organizing conservation activities, such as tree planting and clean-up events. This biodiverse area, while incredibly beautiful, is also increasingly vulnerable to plastic pollution, overfishing and climate change. Through this experience, tourists can enjoy the island landscape and make a positive impact with their vacation. Thus, eco-tourism combines two pillars of UNDP's SIDS Offer: Climate Action and the Blue Economy, demonstrating that these agendas have a strong potential for integration, increasing revenue and sustainability. In fact, in 2019, the global ecotourism industry generated US$ 181.1 billion, with an expected contribution of US$ 333.8 billion by 2027.

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