Case Study - China-Ethiopia-Sri Lanka TrC Project: Biogas, Biomass and Solar Trilateral Cooperation

Transitioning to Sustainable Energy Uses in the Agro-Industry

SSC and triangular cooperation is a powerful vehicle to help accelerate the SDGs. Sharing experiences and lessons learned among countries of the Global South is critical to ensure that we identify and co-design solutions that best suit local development needs and contexts. We remain committed to support South-South and Triangular partnerships that help shape a greener and more just world for all.”

- Bing Wang, UNDP China

The SSTC Project showcases the power of international collaboration, uniting countries in the South to find sustainable development solutions. Ethiopia CO takes immense pride in supporting the Government of Ethiopia in its efforts to enhance energy access, paving the way for a brighter future.

- Wubua Mekonnen, UNDP Ethiopia

This SSTC Project is a perfect example of how countries can collectively help each other to find development solutions through sharing knowledge, best practices and technical assistance. UNDP Sri Lanka is proud to be a part of this South- South cooperation project and support the Government of Sri Lanka in enhancing the energy security of the country through sustainable means.”

- Sampath Aravinda Ranasinghe, UNDP Sri Lanka

Project Title: Biogas, Biomass and Solar Trilateral Cooperation (Transitioning to Sustainable Energy Uses in the Agro-Industry Sri- Lanka-China-Ethiopia)

Main Stakeholders: Ministry of Commerce, China
Ministry of Water and Energy, Ethiopia Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority, Administrative Center for China’s Agenda 21 China Agricultural University

Project Goal: To address sustainable development challenges related to international cooperation, access to energy for improved service delivery and sustainable integrated farming practices for Ethiopia and to support Sri Lanka’s national target for energy savings and GHG emission reduction through trial and demonstration of biogas, biomass and solar in the agro-industry sector.

China focal point: Bing Wang, Government Affairs Officer, [email protected]

Ethiopia focal point: Wubua Mekonnen,Team Leader for Climate Resilience and Environmental Sustainability Unit, UNDP Ethiopia, [email protected] 

Sri Lanka focal point: Sampath Aravinda Ranasinghe, Programme Coordination Specialist, UNDP Sri Lanka, [email protected]

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