APWLD invites women’s rights and feminist organisations based in Central Asia, to apply for the Feminist Participatory Action Research on Women Migrants in Central Asia 2022-2024 (CA FPAR on Migration).The aim of the CA FPAR on Migration is to advance the human rights of women migrants and strengthen the migrant movements in Central Asia by increasing women migrants’ capacity to author evidence-based community research and be vocal and effective policy advocates for women’s human rights and Development Justice. 

In this programme, APWLD will partner with and support six to eight organisations to increase evidence-based advocacy, amplify voices of women migrants of Central Asia and build their capacity to be effective organisers, advocates, and campaigners for women’s human rights at local, national and sub-regional levels. APWLD will provide each partner organisation with a sub-grant amount with a maximum of 14 000 USD throughout the FPAR cycle. 

Interested organisations may submit the application form no later than Monday, 22 August  2022 to nazira@apwld.org with the subject line: APWLD Application – CA FPAR on Migration SUB GRANT 2022-2024_name of your organisation.

Click here for more details of the programme.

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