This blog was originally published by the Presencing Institute, authored by Otto Scharmer.

"Across many places and networks it feels as if we are on the verge of yet another far-reaching movement. A movement that isn’t just about changing social structures but is also about shifting human consciousness..."

"In 1989, a few months before the Berlin Wall would collapse, I was co-leading an international student group in a program called Peace Studies Around the World that took us to East and West Berlin. In discussions with some of the leaders of the civil rights and opposition movements in East Berlin, I witnessed with my own eyes how even the very people who were on the frontlines of forces that eventually would bring down the Berlin Wall — effectively ending the cold war system — had no idea what a far-reaching impact their actions were about to have. In my life, I have seen tectonic shifts several times. What I have learned from those moments is that, before they happen, almost no one actually believes that such profound changes and shifts will occur. But once they happen, many people are quick to explain why they did".




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