Belize is leading the way towards becoming one of the first fully digitized governments in SIDS

Digitization is key to improving the resilience and response to climate change risks and natural disasters, which is thus essential to guard the blue economy through disaster management systems. In the context of e-governance, digital transformation can play a key role in effective governance, participatory decision-making, resource management, proper monitoring, information gathering and distribution, cultivation of innovation ecosystems, and real-time data collection that are essential to enhancing green and ocean economies. In this regard, Belize is transforming its public services and building capacity of all its ministries to fast-forward towards a fully digitized government. 

As part of 'Rising up For SIDS', the course on Inclusive Digital Transformation in SIDS provides the foundation for this four-week course, where participants come together in-person and on-line to explore the various pillars and considerations that such a transition requires, while exploring the challenges and the many benefits that the Government of Belize will derive from taking this crucial step. Additionally, the course offers insights into the small steps already taken within ministries and governmental departments to become more efficient and effective in their service delivery. The practical approach to learning allowed the opportunity to use digital tools in order to assess the digital readiness of the public service and to provide recommendations on how to enhance public service delivery through digitalization efforts. Graduates of the course will become digital ambassadors, to champion the government’s move towards a Digital Belize. The whole-of-government implementation is well underway, with the first cohort of 40+ participants graduating in mid-July 2022, the second cohort has been launched on 16 August 2022, and a third and possibly fourth planned for the fourth quarter of this year. By integrating digital transformation planning and learning within their ministries, the course aims to drive rapid improvement in the resilience and efficiency of government services as they shift towards fully digitized government. 

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Read more here: SIDS Bulletin 63

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