Scientific assessments estimate that humanity has ten years remaining to solve the unprecedented global environmental challenges it faces. Business as usual in the global economy is clearly not working – and we need to find ways to make exponential progress in addressing these global environmental challenges including climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution management, ocean protection, as well as air and water quality. Big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and digital transformation can play important roles to ensure environmental sustainability and sustainable development.


Unprecedented international collaboration across a range of stakeholders including researchers, policy makers, startups, technologists, citizen scientists and the private sector is needed to ensure that AI is harnessed to contribute to our environmental sustainability. To do so, we must ensure that best practices are identified, shared and amplified, and that we learn from leading applications that harness AI for the good of the planet and people.

To achieve this goal, Startup Inside, in collaboration with UNESCO and UNEP, is organizing a global virtual conference dedicated to the theme of AI for the Planet on February 16th, 2021. This conference will be followed by a series of monthly dialogues (Tuesdays Together for the Planet) that will bring together the world’s best experts and AI pioneers to share concrete use cases, identify best practices, celebrate successes, and inspire further actions in this field.

The conference video archive can be accessed below:

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