Adopted UNDP Strategic Plan 2022-2025

Noella Richard • 3 September 2021

The next Strategic Plan (2022-2025) of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has just been adopted!





It includes explicit references to youth/young people:

-   (para 7, Strategic Context) (...) More than 1.1 billion people live without proof of identity and struggle to access basic services. Eighty-three per cent are worried about losing their jobs through automation, globalization or the gig economy. Some are losing confidence in the ability of public institutions to uphold the rule of law and human rights and deliver fair, inclusive policies. Yet a positive face of this social disruption is evident in more vibrant citizen activism, like youth movements on climate change, collective action against gender and race discrimination, or the voluntary cooperation of billions practising social distancing. Lessons from COVID-19 show the potential, for example, for stronger and more inclusive civic engagement, digitally transacted, between Governments, parliaments and young people.

-   (para 28, under Poverty and inequality Signature Solution) UNDP expects by 2025 to help empower 100 million poor, marginalized and excluded populations to escape persistent multidimensional poverty and vulnerabilities. UNDP will apply a systems approach that addresses the multidimensionality of poverty, investing in assets, services and social protection across sectors. It will promote job creation, social protection and social safety nets for low-income people and the “missing middle”, vulnerable individuals working in the informal sector, with a focus on women, 85 per cent of whom in developing countries are in informal employment. The organization will work with partners such as ILO to make the business case for social protection as an investment in human capital to protect individuals against shocks and improve productivity and inclusive economic growth. With partners like ILO and UNICEF, it will scale up engagement on youth economic empowerment, focusing on decent jobs for youth, green jobs, social entrepreneurship and protecting informal workers. 

-   (para 35, under Governance Signature Solution) UNDP will support partners in areas of governance systems that present particular challenges or opportunities, including enhancing civic space; ensuring rights and equity in digitalization and innovation; addressing racism and discrimination; and empowering women and youth. UNDP will help to promote the rights of future generations and amplify young people’s voices in decisions on climate action and the future of their communities, through capacity development, youth political participation and support to young innovators.