About Digital for the Planet

Freshia Wairimu
Freshia Wairimu • 16 January 2023

Welcome to your Digital for the Planet Community of Practice!


Digital for Planet is an emerging practice area, supporting government partners to advance digitalization to accelerate the transition to a green and climate resilient economy through catalytic initiatives that unlock further mainstreaming of the green and digital twin transition.

  • Thematic Digital Readiness Assessment to identify and unlock digital transformation opportunities and barriers in key green sectors (environmental management, climate change mitigation, clean energy access, climate change adaptation, agri-food system, waste management);
  • Building and nurturing a Digital Public Good / Infrastructure #ClimateStack to enable countries achieve enhanced transparency and access innovative green finance;
  • Promoting local and regional green digital innovation while building a local digital ecosystem with communities, MSMEs, informal economy and youth;  
  • Global data partnerships to provide national capacity building menus on the use of cutting edge data and analytics to tackle the triple planetary crisis
  • Enabling activities