Find below a selection of Yammer groups for colleagues interested in SDG implementation and SDG integration, if you are interested in keeping up to date with the latest thinking in this area of work: 

  •  2030 Agenda Implementation Support (1,246 members): Join this UNDP group facilitated by the UNDP Global Policy Network for best practices, lessons learned, and resources related to SDG implementation and SDG integration for UNDP offices at all levels. 

  • Programme and Policy: Cooperation Framework (3,885 members): Join this UN inter-agency group managed by DCO if you are interested in the UN common programming cycle from Common Country Analysis to Cooperation Frameworks, joint workplans and One UN Country Results Reports. 

  • MAPS Engagements (965 members): Join this UN inter-agency group about missions, analysis, and initiatives for the effective implementation of the 2030 Agenda, which brings together governments with country stakeholders, the UN system and other partners for the co-development of SDG solutions. 

  • UNSDG COVID-19 Socio-economic Responses (343 members): Join this UN inter-agency group managed by the UN Sustainable Development Group (UNSDG) to compare notes, exchange ideas, and to maximize the effect of our work to support partners at all levels to #BuildForwardBetter from COVID-19. 

  • Data for Development (573 members): Join this open space for UNDP policy and programme people, techies, ops gurus and everyone in between to come together to share, learn and discuss about how data and analytics affects our work on the ground and in the office.  

  • Decentralized Evaluation Knowledge Network (252 members): Join this UNDP group to read up on evaluation-related news, and to share good practices and experiences in designing and managing evaluations. 

  • The Global Centre for Technology, Innovation and Sustainable Development (445 members): Join this UNDP group for in-house knowledge building aimed at identifying and co-creating technological solutions for sustainable development. 

  • SDG Impact Finance (254 members): Join this UNDP group if you are interested in SDG-aligned impact finance, and ways to empower investors with insights and tools to achieve the SDGs. 

  • Joint SDG Fund Network on Integrated Policy and Financing (1,239 members): Join this UN inter-agency group if you are interested in the Joint SDG Fund, the pooled mechanism for integrated policy support and strategic financing across all SDGs. 

  • Leaving No One Behind, Human Rights and Gender (421 members): Join this UN inter-agency group if you are interested in the work of the members of the UNSDG Task Team on Leaving No One Behind, including in ways to operationalize Member States’ pledge to leave no one behind and reach the furthest behind first. 

What is your favourite SDGi-related Yammer group? Please share and comment below!


The UNDP Knowledge Exchange Yammer Network and One UN Knowledge Exchange Yammer Network connect colleagues across the UN(DP) and invited external partners, bringing together communities of practitioners globally across a variety of thematic areas to learn from each other, share information, broadcast important updates and discuss pertinent topics. Yammer is a peer networking tool integrated into the Microsoft Office 365 enterprise package, and you can log in with your UN(DP) email credentials. 

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