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Thank you to all the participants in the Tunis Forum on Gender Equality for your vibrant engagement on line and in person.

The final set of recommendations from the Forum can be found here.

This civil society driven report of recommendations from the Tunis Forum will be sent to the Secretariat of the Beijing +25 process to inform the substantive preparations for the report of the Secretary-General on the Review and Appraisal of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action to be submitted to the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW64) in March 2020. It will also inform the substantive preparations for the 20th anniversary of Security Council resolution on Women, Peace and Security, to be held in 2020.

The Tunis Forum is a critical part of the civil society mobilization of Generation Equality, ‘Beijing+25: Celebrating 25 years of championing women’s rights’, which - with several other convenings, including Women Deliver 2019, and others through 2019 and 2020 - will continue to bring together the next generations of women’s rights activists with the gender equality advocates and visionaries who were instrumental in creating the Beijing Platform for Action more than two decades ago, to collectively demand all stakeholders to tackle the unfinished business of empowering women, ensuring gender equality and realizing women’s rights for an equal future.


The Government of Tunisia, the United Nations Development Programme and UN Women, are organizing the Tunis Forum on Gender Equality that will take place April 24-26.

The Tunis Forum will take place one year before the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, as well as one year before the 20th anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 which set the standard for women, peace and security. The Tunis Forum will also take place before the first Global Sustainable Development Report is presented to the autumn summit on the SDGs and will be an opportunity to integrate and connect the key elements of these processes and highlight the important role that civil society can play.

The Tunis Forum will also explore the potential transformative role of women participating in local spaces/local government; in helping render cities safer for women; in working towards more sustainable cities and in re-envisioning transportation systems and public spaces so that they respond to the differing needs of all sections of the population, whatever their gender, age or physical ability. It will also provide a platform to explore the role of  new trends in innovation and technology in encouraging women's economic empowerment.

The Tunis Forum will be a follow up to the Stockholm Forum held in April 2018 and will continue the spirit of co-creation in putting together the agenda including the successful model of holding simultaneous sessions, co-organised and hosted by a wide range of organisations.  There will be four simultaneous discussions throughout the forum. Sessions do not need to be traditional and we would welcome more creative ideas, including music and poetry, but there is space for serious academic based discussion too.  

To this end the purpose of the online consultation is to engage champions of gender equality from various regions of the world in a global dialogue to help identify key subjects that are not always aired and that can form the basis of the agenda. The consultation is expected to provide the Government of Tunisia as well as UNDP and UNWomen with ideas, suggestions and recommendations for the agenda, for panel organisers and for key participants with the key aim to influence the dialogue on Beijing +25.

With this in mind, the consultation will focus on:

  1. Beijing to Beijing +25; what has worked, what was missing, what should the next 25 years be about?
  2. Gender equality for local governance transformation: can increasing numbers of women mayors in the world change the nature of our cities; how can their power be used to help create sustainable cities/ more equitable resource distribution?
  3. Women, Peace and security:  has UNSCR 1325 delivered?  What can be done to integrate the WPS agenda better with CEDAW? What could help give civil society more ownership of the WPS agenda?
  4. Innovation, technology and gender equality; how can the 4th industrial revolution be harnessed for gender equality and women’s economic empowerment?  

The Tunis Forum will be live-streamed and accessible to ensure maximum outreach and participation. Those who are very engaged in the online consultation will be considered to receive an invitation to attend the Forum in person in accordance with selected criteria set by the organizers.

If you would like to recommend individuals, preferably from different areas of society, who would be relevant and interested in being invited to the Tunis Forum, please visit use this form. The deadline is 20th February 2019.