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Welcome to the UNDP Poverty & Inequality Community of Practice! 

Our global community unites UNDP professionals dedicated to combating poverty and inequality through collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and innovation. We provide members with peer-to-peer learning, networking opportunities, and access to diverse expert insights.

Our Community offers a space to collaborate, share good practices, and stay current with emerging trends. By participating, you can amplify your impact and support sustainable development.

The Community serves as a catalyst for UNDP's trailblazing initiatives, fostering an integrated approach to poverty eradication aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals. Join us today and contribute to empowering people worldwide to break free from poverty.


Identity and Purpose

Community's identity and purpose

Value Proposition

Value Proposition

Core Team


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Beyond our Core Team, we have a strong governance model comprising an array of roles you can play in our community.

Key Roles

Community Roles


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For questions and support, please contact the Community Manager: Davide Piga,