Youth, peace and security and climate

Maria Stage
Maria Stage • 7 October 2022

Key takeaways from a roundtable discussion hosted by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Youth Global Programme (BPPS/Gov/Youth) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), on the occasion of the International Day of Peace 2022 and as a follow-up to the Youth4Climate flagship event, convened on the margins of the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly. 

Peace in today’s world is challenged by the interconnectedness of multiple crises – COVID-19, climate, violence and armed conflict, energy crises – and their compounded effects on societies and people. Young people are responding to crises across the world and acting for peace and climate in their communities through innovative solutions to bridge divides and spear climate action. 

On the International Day of Peace 2022, this roundtable discussion brought together approximately 45 young climate activists and peacebuilders and development practitioners, partners and stakeholders from across all regions and engaged in various efforts: from initiatives at the grassroots level to global advocacy. The purpose was to bring to the fore the perspectives of young climate activists and peacebuilders from across the world; identify promising practices for development programmes; and highlight how youth engagement can be supported across the humanitarian-development-peacebuilding nexus and in decision-making processes relating to peace and climate at the local and national levels.

The roundtable discussion took place under Chatham house rules and following the conversation UNDP and UNFPA prepared a summary of the key messages.

Read the key takeaways here


Climate is an emerging area for the youth, peace and security agenda, but young people working for peace and climate action are often the same at the local level: youth take action for people, peace and the planet.

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