Many countries are not equipped to deal with crisis and conflict situations. Such events have the potential to reverse years of development gains, decimate systems for health and diminish national capacity. Helping countries to both prevent and mitigate the risks of crises and conflict is essential to the work of UNDP. For health, this includes addressing the development impact of health crises, building and maintaining the capacity of vulnerable countries, as well as leveraging the available capacity of government and civil society to effectively deliver health services.

The role of social protection in addressing poverty and promoting inclusive economic growth is being recognized. It has the potential to play a key role in reducing an individual’s chance of becoming infected with HIV, improving treatment outcomes and reducing the damaging effect of HIV on people, households and communities. UNDP supports HIV-sensitive social protection.

To help ensure the sustainability of national funding for HIV, UNDP and other partners have recommended a combination of financing approaches, such as increased domestic funding, improvements in programming efficiency and reallocation of resources to high impact and rights based interventions. This may include the integration of HIV and other services, broader health systems strengthening, strengthened governance, civil society engagement and synergies with other development objectives.

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Proposed guiding questions:

  • What contributions can UNDP make to supporting efforts to build resilient and risk-informed systems for health?

  • What contributions can UNDP make to development challenges at the nexus of gender, health and environment?

26 Oct 2015 - 10 Nov 2015

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Baly Ouattara
Here there are a lot of issue that can be taken into account. It is more easier to create a better condition for livelihood which enable all mankind to live in good shape.
Here it will be necessary to define all the public goods like water, air, energy, and all forms of biodiversity. For that It will be relevant to define and defend new right for all. That is the first condition to have resilient people which can face all type of disease. That attitude assume that our society invest more to warn because when the disease is in environment our in bodies it is really too late and the impact of treatment is unpredictable. So the most important component of health care financement should be design to keep people far away from all risk of contracting disease. If we do that we will save a lot time of work, a lot of investment (equipment and building).
Saripalli Suryanarayana

Water,sanitation and all issues associated are key to human development.Climate agriculture and gender equality and rights are part of development.But countries political and social system is based on education.The level of inequality among communities is as much as in gender.Finance mechanism can be achieved with private participation.PPP mode in education,and exposure of international trade for agricultural produce enhances initially the county finances.The minerals of Africa and other countries have become a source for energy for India,Chaina etc.A progressive tax structure will make the country beneficial. to the nations that own the mineral richness.

Creating a system of e-commerce for products[storage and distribution]will attract more business houses.

Some manufacturers are awating for development of proper policy mechanism for investing or stock piling their produce for sale in the region.With that we can have generic medicines available for all the needy so that their use based on necessity improves and cost will reduce substantially.Many medical equipments and testing laboratory facilities can be set up either by trust or by PPP by the NGOs working world wide.This helps them only set a lab,and hand over the maintenance to local people,who will be funded by another NGO,or by their government.Many governments have plenty of used vehicles,which they can augment and supply freely to the needy areas.Similarly the Governments can help build the hospitals or primary health centers in many countries,which can be looked after by local society.