The Funding Windows are UNDP’s primary vehicle for thematic non-core funding, a critical complement to UNDP’s regular resources, framed around four key thematic areas.

The pooled resources provide catalytic funds to countries to respond to emerging development priorities and to pilot, scale up and accelerate initiatives in support of those most in need.

$32 million was received as unearmarked or pooled resources, contributed by partners for UNDP to allocate according to specific themes to deliver the UNDP Strategic Plan.These critical funds brought immediate support to some of the world’s most vulnerable and strengthened their resilience to future crises. This year, 24 least developed countries (LDCs) benefitted from these interventions, worth $23 million.            

These Funding Windows pooled resources supported global efforts to meet the SDGs for people and planet, by lessening the impact conflicts on those most vulnerable. 

More information is available on the dedicated Funding Windows Portal on the UNDP website or by contacting