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As we near the end of the year, the CODES co-champions wanted to provide a comprehensive update on where various processes and key outputs now stand. We have been working hard to position CODES at the highest level so that we can influence emerging digital governance frameworks and make a tangible impact. We also recognize and apologize that we have been unable to provide consistent updates to you since the first CODES conference in July. It has been difficult to nail down concrete timelines and outputs against constantly shifting goalposts and processes. However, we believe that key dates are starting to solidify and that we can now offer some clarity on core process milestones going forward. 

  • CODES Logo: During December, we are going to launch an open competition on the 99Designs platform to establish a new CODES logo. CODES members will have the opportunity to vote on logo submissions and provide iterative feedback to the different designers. More information is available here on the logo design competition.
  • CODES charter: On the basis of the feedback received during the first CODES conference, we have redrafted the founding CODES charter. This short document outlines the vision, mission, strategic objectives, key performance indicators and the governance framework for CODES. This will be a living document to be updated on a regular basis and your further feedback is welcomed.  
  • CODES flagship report and action plan: Based on the constructive feedback received during the conference and the consultation processes, we have decided to consolidate the flagship report and acceleration plan into a single Action Plan focused on the three strategic shifts presented in the original draft report. These include:
    • Digital vision and values for a sustainable digital age: Shaping digital innovations toward a common vision, purpose and set of values embodied by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and different multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs); 
    • Sustainable digitalization: Building inclusive and environmentally sustainable digital infrastructure, standards and safeguards; 
    • Digital sustainability: Harnessing digital technologies and transitions to create new systemic incentives, behaviors, and business models that accelerate and scale environmental sustainability in an equitable way.

The Action Plan is now being written from scratch by a drafting team in order to reflect the range of the inputs received through the CODES multi-stakeholder consultation process. A draft of the new Action Plan will be shared for feedback by early 2022. A phase 2 consultation process with the CODES community will follow, and we are aiming to present the draft at upcoming events such as the United Nations Environment Assembly on 3-4 March 2022.We are also looking to feature the Action Plan and position CODES calls to action at other high-level events such as the Stockholm +50 Conference in June 2022 and the Summit of the Futures in September 2023 where the new Digital Compact will be tabled. We welcome further ideas on key processes that we should aim to influence and engage. 

In 2022, the CODES co-champions will seek to further professionalize the secretariat in order to provide more structured engagement with the full CODES community. This will include adopting an engagement, communications and outreach strategy. This strategy will involve quarterly roundtables, a revamped website, a branded identity, additional learning opportunities, a stakeholder map and a monthly newsletter based on CODES community content.  

We appreciate your continued support as we work through the growing pains of founding a new multi-stakeholder initiative facing the complexity of issues to be addressed by the CODES mission. Please keep sending feedback on how CODES can meet your needs and how it can be improved. We are now over 800 people strong and we look forward to continued growth as well as strategic influence and impact in 2022.

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Richard T Jordan
Richard T Jordan

The UN Environment Assembly is very close upon us. I would like to offer some material that the drafting group might consider for possible input. To whom should I send that?? Happy holidays and best for 2022.

David Jensen
David Jensen

Hi Richard - yes, the latest draft is still under production and we are hoping it get it out to the community by 28th of January. We will hold the round table on 7th February. I will be in touch by email to better understand the new materials you would like to submit. Thanks again for checking in.

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