Oxford Talks: Artificial Intelligence and Environmental Sustainability

Polina Koroleva

Actors from business, civil society and politics are increasingly interested in applying systems of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for data analysis and decision making in numerous realms of society. While ethical caveats of AI are more prominent in the debate, its environmental impacts in different application contexts are less discussed. This is problematic, given that the direct and indirect impacts of AI on the environment can be substantial, e.g., carbon footprint of training and use of AI, potential emission increases due to efficiency enhancing technological change). In this talk, Stefanie Kunkel (IASS Potsdam) will give insights into the link between the development and use of artificial intelligence and environmental sustainability. She will also present a project idea which aims at engaging industry and policy stakeholders in developing and implementing a participatory approach to measuring and steering environmental impacts of AI in industry. Finally, Stefanie would like to discuss with the audience which are the most critical steps towards translating scientific advice on more ethical and environmentally conscious AI into practical guidance for programmers, business representatives and policymakers.

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Learn more: https://talks.ox.ac.uk/talks/id/bb7d15cd-70f4-41f0-a746-da8a439b49c1/

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