Digital Ethics Forum 2022


This event is mainly presented in Italian.

Sloweb Association for 2022 proposes the fourth edition of the Digital Ethics Forum, two days with conference panels and special events to explore some of the most urgent issues concerning ethics in the design, production, distribution, and use of digital technologies.

“What to do” is the focus that this edition wants to cover. During the Forum we ask ourselves what is happening in offices, companies, and institutions to understand what is being done to accept, adopt and include digital in an ethical and sustainable way in everyday life.

For this year's edition, we have set up a division of interventions that follows a conceptual scheme whereby the "playing field" of digital ethics involves three main subjects: institutions, companies, and citizens. For each subject - which we ideally place in a triangular playing field, in fact - we want to address issues relating to the application of ethics in the digital world.

We will then have three sessions:

- the first (November 23rd - from 14 to 16:30) dedicated to what institutions do/should do, with a particular focus on education and health;

- the second (November 24th - from 9 to 11:30) to companies, digital or otherwise, including the information sector;

- the third (November 24th - from 14 to 16:30) to citizens, and to what is happening around responsible digital consumption.

In addition, space was dedicated to speeches in English by industry experts even outside the Italian ecosystem for sharing best practices at an international level.

Finally, the Digital Ethics Forum is a free event and this year it has expanded from Turin to Rome as a clear sign of growth.

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