COP 27. Digitalisation for Sustainability: Accelerating Our Sustainability Agenda and the Clean Energy Transition

Polina Koroleva

Digital technologies and services can accelerate socio-ecological transformation. Digitalisation can help make the optimisation of modern energy systems more efficient. However, as seen in particular with internet traffic, some challenges remain dominant: high energy demand, unsustainable consumption patterns and energy imbalances. For example, the energy consumption of the global ICT sector is expected to double by 2030. To counteract such trends, digitalisation needs to be aligned with sustainability goals at the European and international level.

Moderation: Karsten Krause, Head of Sector, Directorate for Energy, European Commission
Opening remarks: Paula Pinho, Director ENER, European Commission
Key note speech: Dirk Messner, President, German Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt)
• Paula Pinho, Director ENER, European Commission
• Dirk Messner, President of the German Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt)
• Rose Mwebaza, Director of the Climate Technology Centre and Network
• Amandeep Singh Gill, UN Envoy on Technology, UN

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